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Why Publish?

  • Successful individuals and organizations publish their work
  • The publication of papers and books is an excellent way of highlighting your work, demonstrating professionalism and expertise
  • Publishing is a way of contributing to the field by sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Attention is gained through the marketing of the book, book reviews, and the potential use of conferences and training events
  • Publishing shows that an individual or organization is well established and has a clear and coherent model of practice, supported by theory, research and evidence
  • Publishing can have a positive impact on customer referrals and funding
  • The process of publication is also an effective way of drawing the internal team together and clarifying practice and procedure in detail
  • Publishing can improve an organization’s influence in relation to policy makers and other authorities
  • Publishing is cost effective and can become a small revenue stream

How we will work together

Patrick Tomlinson has authored, co-authored or edited 7 books, as well as numerous papers, on the subject of therapeutic work with children and young people who are in residential or foster care. The books have been authored in collaboration with a number of different organizations. He has also co-authored an autobiography.

  • Patrick will work with you to write and/or edit your book or paper according to your specific needs
  • Use email and Skype communication (as needed) as a very cost effective way of working together
  • The average period of time required for writing a book is 6-9 months

Books authored or edited by Patrick Tomlinson have received excellent reviews - click here for review excerpts. (PDF document)

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Client Testimonial

I have worked with Patrick Tomlinson on many books, and it is always a genuine pleasure. Patrick is both knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of his subject area, and a skilled writer. In his books he communicates complex ideas and concepts in a clear and structured way and always with a keen awareness of the needs of his readers and publishers’ commercial concerns. I have always found Patrick to be reliable, conscientious and thoughtful in my dealings with him, and value him as a source of advice.

Stephen Jones, Senior Commissioning Editor, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK and USA

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