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Barton, S., Gonzalez, R. and Tomlinson, P. (September, 2011) Therapeutic Residential Care for Children and Young People: An Attachment and Trauma-informed Model for Practice London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

'This is one of those rare books that successfully brings together the human and the academic. It provides a comprehensive and clear account of the theoretically based model of care used by the Lighthouse community, whilst bringing this to life with the real-life stories of young people and carers involved with this organization. Theory and concepts are described clearly and with understanding, but most importantly the authors have illustrated how these are used in practice to transform the lives of young people and carers alike. This book belongs in the collections of all practitioners involved with traumatized children and young people living in residential care.'

Kim S. Golding, Clinical Psychologist and author of Nurturing Attachments

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Tomlinson, P. (2004) Therapeutic Approaches in Work with Traumatized Children and Young People: Theory and Practice, Jessica Kingsley Publishers,

'It covers every aspect of the therapeutic way of working in great detail and gives good examples of practice and theory. It also lays out the principles that underpin ways of working within a therapeutic environment' (Pauline Winlow, Children Now).

'At times of financial constraints for therapeutic residential facilities for traumatised young people, this is a refreshing "back to basics" approach.'

The additional material on child-adult, staff dynamics, supervision and management, will be of great interest to a wide range of residential staff, social workers, foster carers, therapists and educationalists caring for or working with emotionally needy children and young people' (Panos Vostanis, Community Care).

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The following five Books are part of the 'Delivering Recovery' series published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers Series Editor - Patrick Tomlinson.

This is an essential series for all professionals and parents involved in providing recovery for traumatized children and young people. Each book offers a practical and insightful introduction to an aspect of SACCS' unique and integrated approach to children traumatized by sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Tomlinson, P. and Philpot, T. (2008) A Child's Journey to Recovery: Assessment and Planning with Traumatized Children

'This is a short and clearly written book which firmly follows child-centred and evidence based practice to outline an integrated approach to the assessment and therapy of very disturbed children.

The chapter entitled 'Understanding the whole child', seemed to me to be very insightful and to provide an excellent summary of key issues stemming from psycho-dynamic theories that help professionals to understand the emotional world of disturbed children.

The strengths of the assessment technique described are that it incorporates detailed outcomes for traumatized children's recovery and that it offers a well formulated and visually appealing means of representing information about a child's functioning and progress' (Katharine Brind, British Journal of Social Work).

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Rose, R. and Philpot, T. (2005) The Child's Own Story: Life Story Work with Traumatized Children

'This is an excellent guide for professionals undertaking life story work with children or practitioners working with traumatized children……….it will better equip any child care professional to undertake the work more effectively and sensitively' (Rebecca Eden, Community Care).

'This is a valuable and must have resource for all those who work with and alongside traumatized children and young people'  (Carl Dutton, British Psychodrama Journal).

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Rymaszewska, J. and Philpot, T. (2006) Reaching the Vulnerable Child: Therapy with Traumatized Children

'This book is illustrated throughout with stories of recovering children, alongside descriptions of a wide range of techniques using expressive arts and play to foster both verbal and non-verbal communication…. This book can be dipped into or read from cover to cover, a boon for any busy therapist or social worker wishing to develop therapy. It is well worth adding to your library' (Lynne Fordyce, Community Care).

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Pughe, B. and Philpot, T. (2007) Living Alongside a Child's Recovery: Therapeutic Parenting with Traumatized Children

'The authors demonstrate throughout the book a deeply thoughtful and patient approach. Reading this book was not a neutral act for me, as I stopped fostering (for an inner-city London borough) after seven years - cynical, exhausted and full of despair. Yet I feel inspired and moved by the work SACCS undertakes with some of the most fragile and damaged children in our society. I really hope that the methodology they employ is used to inform practice in training and in supporting foster carers and social workers' (Linda Bean, Counseling Children and Young People).

'I would encourage directors of programs such as the one on which this book is based to distribute it widely among their staffs and to expect, as a result, to see improvements in the lives of patients' (Nancy Burke, PsycCRITIQUES).

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Thomas, M. and Philpot, T. (2009) Fostering a Child's Recovery: Family Placement for Traumatized Children

Description: The overwhelming majority of children and young people in care today are fostered, but for some this only increases their problems through untreated trauma, ill-judged placements, poorly supported foster carers and multiple moves. This practical and evidence-based book outlines the principles of family placement on the basis of planning and evidence, and explores the qualities, skills and insights that create positive placement outcomes. "Fostering a Child's Recovery" shows how the key to good fostering is well-trained and skilled foster carers who form part of a team of professionals who surround the child. This book will benefit all professionals and parents involved in providing recovery for traumatized children and young people in ensuring successful placements.

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Download book review excerpts (PDF)

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