The Development of Outcomes Based Approaches

Overall Objectives

To support organizations in developing an outcomes based approach. With a clear understanding of your organization's task we will identify the outcomes that are most important to achieve. An outcomes based approach is one where all aspects of the organization's activity are centred around the achievement of successful measurable outcomes.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Improvements in the organization's understanding of an outcomes based approach and alignment between the organization's activity and outcomes. A shared understanding of the organization’s outcomes can greatly improve the team’s sense of purpose.
  • Having clear outcomes measures will improve reporting to funders and attract further funding.
  • The development of a coherent outcomes based model, including clarity on how outcomes will be measured and reported.
  • Specific areas of improvement in operational performance leading to higher quality standards and better outcomes. It can be highly motivating for employees to see evidence of the outcomes of their work.
  • These identified improvements will improve the quality of organizational performance, cost efficiency and outcomes. 
  • A successful handover at the end of the development project with the option of further support during the implementation period.

Who is it for?

Organizations who provide residential and foster care programs for children and young people

  • Whose intention is to be clear about the outcomes to be achieved through its services and to ensure that all activity is focused on achieving these outcomes, in the most efficient manner. 
  • That are aiming to reduce costs through the reduction of unnecessary activity that adds little value to the achievement of positive outcomes. 
  • Who aim to demonstrate their outcomes more clearly to their funders and service users.
  • Who intend to be leading their sector through the achievement of excellent outcomes and continuous improvement.

Format and Approach of Consultancy Service

The service is designed to suit your requirements, including all or any of the following:

  • Work in collaboration with the organization to identify objectives and the focus of the project, including targets, timescales and costs. 
  • Evaluate the present situation by gathering facts and discussions both formal and informal with relevant staff and where appropriate the service user. 
  • Provide a report outlining a strategy for improvement – for discussion and agreement before implementation.
  • Work with the organization to implement the strategy, providing direct involvement as required.
  • Consultation and support to enable the organization to take charge of the strategy.
  • Review and handover.
  • Any further service to support the change as agreed. 

For organizations who are interested in developing an outcomes based approach a Feasibility Study can be carried out to evaluate the potential value of such a development for the organization.

To download the following documents click on the links below. 

Further details of the PTA Feasibility Study
(PDF file 150Kb)

An in depth 8,000 word paper by Patrick Tomlinson, outlining why outcomes are the essential factor in delivering human services. Essential reading to improve outcomes:


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